• Bartels Intralogistics Online Shop

    Contract Web Developer

    Website: Bartels Intralogistics Online Shop
    Company: Bartels Intralogistics
    Time: Aug. 2012 — Mar 2013
    Type: Contract
    Description: Bartels Intralogistics Online Shop
    Responsible for the site using OXID eshop, jQuery,HTML5/CSS3, SASS, Responsive Design, and custom modules.
  • Schule Hirtenweg

    Design, Development and Consultation

    Website: www.schule-hirtenweg.eu(still under wraps)
    Type: Contract
    Specifications: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Wordpress, Responsive Design
    Description: A website needed to be designed as clear and easy to use.The project included project management, design, development, consultation and implementation.

  • Gamigo

    Internal Accounts

    Company: gamigo AG, Hamburg
    Type: Contract
    Description: This was a internal project, involving getting the total payment accounts out the database's, and creating daily financial excel reports, including the total costs, profits, people number worldwide. Split into totals, and all the seperate countries. Ran as a cronjob at night.I was responsible for project management, development and implementation, reporting to the head of accounts, and the CEO.
  • KAB

    Software Design, Development and Consultation

    Company: KAB Versicherungsmakler, Euskirchen
    Type: Contract
    Specifications: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
    Description: A TAN system to work with the Barmenia Insurance company. Unique tans were created, then a system was developed for live quotes on the KAB site direct from Barmenia, enabled by a 1x unique tan. Tans were checked nightly and created as needed.The project included project management, design, development, consultation and implementation.
  • Robinson Harmsen

    Contract Web Developer

    Company: Robinson & Harmsen die Makler GbR., Canada
    Type: Contract
    Specifications: HTML, CSS, PHP, Own CMS
    Description: Robinson Harmsen, an property company in Hamburg, & Nova Scotia, required a flexible site to deal with the property listings, for both rent and sales, in both Hamburg and Nova Scotia. Site can completely administrated by them.The project included project management, development, consultation and implementation.