My Approach to Web Development

“To create a truly great website, details are just as important as considering the overall objective of the project.”

All my projects kick off...

with an initial meeting where I listen to the requirements. We then discuss the best way to approach the project. After this, I research and work out exactly how we can achieve best outcome to achieve those underlying business goals.

After an initial concept...

has been decided and discussed I move into the planning phase - if needed. Planning a website assists you in getting what you need out of the website and also ensures that everyone knows what is expected. It also helps work towards common objectives. These can be simple lists of functionality - to more complex wireframes or prototypes.

The design stage...

of the website is done in several phases. First, the first design mock-up with the key pages will be sent to you where you can, amend and revise to your hearts content. After everyone is happy with the concept design - consisting of several key pages - we move on to building the site.

The build stage...

is very straightforward. I will provide you with a first staging version. This will be the initial, rough draft of the website. The first amendments by you, will be followed with the second staging. All design and functional aspects of the site will now be working and implemented. A second revision of changes by you will commence. This will be finished off with the third and final build of the website which, once approved, will go live and public when you decide.

If you would like to work with me, please give me a call on 040 460 5038 or drop me an email and I will be happy to help you out.

Kick Off Stage

Here we will gather all the important information. This includes ideas on design, functionality and underlying business objectives. This will help me estimate cost and scope of the project.


Concept Stage

This is where all the information gathered comes together. This will set the boundaries of the website. Items such as page amount, functionality, important design aspects and corporate identity will be decided upon. It will help make sure we are on track and know what we are aiming for.


Design Stage

All the planning comes together at this point. With a comprehensive network of freelancers, a design concept will be created, allowing the client to choose what they prefer. It allows for more creative freedom and a better end-product.


Build Stage

I will first create a simple setup of the site with all pages and the basic design implemented. This will give you a head start on gathering all the content and ensure there is no time wasted. Content, design and functionality will go through several revisions until we arrive at our polished end-product.


Maintenance Stage

A website is like a house, once built you will have to maintain it. If you do not, this will show and not represent your company in the right way. I can offer maintenance contracts which will ensure that I am always available for you when you need me. I will keep on top of complex jobs such as backups, updates and SEO. I will report back to you monthly on how your site is ranking, what updates were performed and what can be done to improve it.